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The Future of Journalism

The death of journalism has been a topic of conversation for as long as I can remember. Many people even wish to see certain areas of it end. The main area of concern is print media like newspapers.

The two movies that were shown in class, an old film about journalism and “Page One,” show the differences in journalism. In the film about journalism, the roles of different positions in a newspaper are explained. The one thing that is quite ridiculous is the fact that women were unable to work in anything else except something that is about homecare or fashion.

“Page One” is about The New York Times and how the newspaper deals with the changing market for printed news. Many of the jobs the first film explained are out of date and no longer exist. The sexist theme also changed between films, though the majority of workers shown at The New York Times were still men.

The movies bring about the question of whether or not newspapers will and should live on. More technology is being introduced and many people are reading news only on the Internet. Should newspapers completely end? Or are journalists unnecessary?

To answer yes would be unfair to the industry. It may be that less people are buying newspapers, but to completely move away from the physical paper would be a step too far in this generation.

Yes for the second question is also ridiculous. Journalism may have added more types of online sources, but that proves that journalism is still needed. People today get information from a person whose job it is to look up and research different events. After someone reads information, it is, more often than not, passed by word of mouth to the next person. Without that original journalist, there is no information to be passed around. Information is often times withheld from different people and without a journalist who is actually “in the action” and seeing what is happening or hearing about what is happening, we would be oblivious to the world around us. Ignorance is not bliss and without journalists, the world will become an ignorant society.


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