“Are you mom enough?”

Very recently, TIME magazine had a cover of a woman breastfeeding her 4-year-old son. At the time that this came out, people were in an uproar. Many people wondered about the reasoning behind such a cover photo as well as the title: “Are you mom enough?”
This edition of the magazine was purely about children who are in a place to be unable to let go of the nurturing time of their baby lives and move on to being a toddler. The main focus was breastfeeding and how it was a way for the connection between children and mothers to be detrimental instead of positive.
The blog post that I read about this article was not really about the magazine itself, but more about a PR pitch that the blogger had received in an email. The pitch was about a bottle that was created to look like a breast with the top to look like a nipple. This bottle come “amazingly” with a “soft silicon nipple textured and colored to resemble skin” and also an “integrated ventilation system to aid in the baby’s digestion.”
The blogger takes a big offence to the likening of a bottle to a breast. Which in my opinion, is quite ridiculous. Giving a bottle to a child, in the shape of a nipple or not, will not mimic breastfeeding.
But I think that the main issue of this pitch is the fact that it is a bit insulting to the women. The author of the pitch creates the idea that women who continue to breastfeed children do it only because they “can’t let go.” But in the article, the woman on the cover, Jaime Lynn Grumet, explains her reasoning for breastfeeding, and not once does she say it is because she “can’t let go” of that relationship with her child.
What I got from this blog post, is that when a person makes a pitch, or writes a press release, or anything that is published, it can have a negative outcome. To me, it helps me remember that words and actions are directly connected to people and in the job of public relations, it makes no sense to create something that is badly done and insulting to many people. I think that if this sort of attitude goes with everyone in this field, public relations is in for a downfall.


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  1. Ha ha ha ha. Sorry. I just couldn’t stop laughing at this. How can a PR person be so silly as to write this junk? I have no doubt you will use professionalism and brains when you go into the profession.

    By the way, can’t men wear the Mumijimi, or whatever it’s called, so they can have a warm, bonding type feeling with their little first graders?


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