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Helpful Social Media Tips from Professor Ellen Mrja

Follow these tips from Ellen Mrja for a better experience with Twitter and blogging.

Entering the world of social media can be a very difficult and tiresome task. There are many questions that people have and when given a good answer to these questions, Twitter and blogging, for example, can become a great tool for getting your ideas out there. Professor Ellen Mrja offers quick solutions to these questions that can give anyone a better understanding of social media.

First and foremost, she gives a list of Do’s and Dont’s. These helpful hints consist of the following:

  • Don’t give out lots of meaningless tweets in a short amount of time (and in general).
  • Don’t just rely on retweeting.
  • Do reply to people’s tweets and try to start a conversation.
  • Think of tweets as headlines: keep them interesting, to the point and sort of as a call for action (example: explain a charity and ask for donations)
  • Keep tweets under 120 characters so that others can add their handle on a tweet.
  • Don’t create a tweet that leaves the reader questioning what exactly the topic is.
  • Keep tweeting and keep things interesting! It will get easier very soon!

With these hints in mind, the Twitter experience can be much better.

She also explains ways to have blogging give a better outcome. Her first tip is the same as Twitter: Keep it up! There are many lurkers on the internet who read blog posts and tweets, but they do not comment. Check analytics and stats so that you can figure out who (also where they come from) and when people are viewing your posts.

To make your blogs more effective, it is important to use SEO keywords, search engine optimized. A helpful site that Mrja gave as an example was AdWord. Through this website you are able to see which keywords would help the best in the SEO sense. Remember, the larger the number on searches is more competition. So find a keyword is not so much competition so that your material is more likely to be seen.

Also be sure to use the Excerpt on a blog post. An Excerpt gives you another opportunity to describe a bit more what is going on in your post. It also gives you an opportunity to create more SEO material.

These are just a few of the tools that you can use to create good and higher viewed material for blogs and tweets. Social media is tricky, but when given the right tools and ideas like these from Mrja, it can prove to be a fruitful and very helpful tool for you and your career. Keep these things in mind and keep at it!



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